Friday, April 8, 2016

Hang on

There are seasons for everything.

My mother, who I probably quote too often (yes, I am most likely that slightly preachy know-it-all friend who is always quoting her mother), has many great tag lines. One of her most frequently dropped phrases is: "You can do it all, just not all at the same time".  I love it- because it's true, because it's simple, and because it speaks particularly well to the season I'm currently in.

These days, I am up to my eye balls in half finished snacks, stacks of dishes, sticky surfaces, dog hair on everything, loads of laundry left in the dryer for days on end. When my third kid hit toddler-hood, I started functioning in survival mode for the first real time since becoming a mother. My house is louder and busier than my noise sensitive ears can take and my orderly brain can handle. We hustle kids to school and daycare, and three days a week I walk myself across the city to run around at work on a pediatric oncology unit. On the weekends we avoid scheduled activities- my husband and I lounge and drink coffee until the mid morning, when we surrender to the antsy children, and take off in our mini van for a beach or a hike or a new farmer's market to explore. At night, we get kids into their respective beds, and if we're lucky, we squeeze in a half absorbed episode of something before we pass out and do it all over again. And yes, like all bleary eyed parents, we love it and wouldn't change a thing about it. I could actually pinch myself sometimes at the sheer beauty of it all, but damn, I am tired.

We are currently in a season of days that feel like they'll never end, and I have little to no time or energy left over in this overflowing cup for creativity. Dewdrop Crafts feels like a thing of the past, but I refuse to put it away for good. My creative side may be in a deep hibernation, but I have an inkling that when I least expect it, spring will come. For now, I will let my tiny corner of the internet linger longer- because I know that I will come back, one day, to another season of making. I always do. And then, it will feel like I never left.

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