Monday, March 10, 2014

Life lately

Wow, it's been ages since I've updated here! What can I say? Life has been full to the brim with little ladies, family, friends, and work as a nurse.

The past couple of years have been made even more full by creating and Dewdrop Craft-ing.  I know that making is something that I need to do. It's my outlet, my therapy, it grounds me while invigorating me and makes me feel very much like me.

What I have learned though, in the past couple of years, is that production line sewing, and taking on one too many custom orders, makes me love creating less. I think this is because I'm kind of a random crafter- I like to jump from one project to another. New projects, new ideas really get me going. After churning out tons of things for others (which I have been so honoured to do- who would have ever thought people would want to buy anything from a random crafter like me?), I've realized that I don't want to lose my excitement over a new project. So things have changed a bit around here…. I'm still taking on custom orders here and there- because making for others will always be fun for me- but I'm learning to pace myself. If you're interested in having me create something for you, get in touch! I love hearing from you all. If I can't take your project on, I will refer you to someone who makes awesome things. I've learned it's pretty fun to spread the love around, too.

While my crafting has been streamlined, so has my social media use. I've cut down big time on Facebook use, both Dewdrop-wise and in general, and it feels great. I'm almost exclusively using Instagram these days. One social media outlet is enough for this girl, and I'm using Instagram most because it's the best fit for me. It's quick and easy, it's so visually stimulating, and has proven to be the most fantastic way to connect with and be inspired by others in the sewing and quilting community. Want to really keep up to date on my funny little world? Follow me at That's where you'll find me most often from now on.

There has been lots of creating going on around here over the past several months. Here's a little glimpse of what I've been up to.