Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dewdrop Crafts by the Seashore

I've been a bit absent for a little while, and I want to tell you why.

I've spent the past week working away at my very first retail order... if you were spying on me from 7:00 pm-10:00 pm over the past several days, you would have seen some furious sewing going on over here!

When in Halifax, starting tomorrow, you will find some nautically themed Dewdrop treats at Twice Upon a Time's new store on the Halifax Waterfront. My friend Amanda Langley has created a lovely, hip baby boutique by the sea, and I'm thrilled and honoured to be a part of it. Check out the opening event on Saturday, June 2.

I delivered some blankets today and was blown away by how incredible the shop looks. There are so many images to share of the little container boutique... to see every beautiful detail, you'll have to check it out for yourself! For now, here are a few of my favourites.

Dewdrop Crafts burp pads

And last, but not least... the antique crib. Dewdrop Crafts Cuddle blankets and Quilts. Hurray!

Friday, May 25, 2012

A cloth diaper celebration

When Scarlett was a baby, I was obsessed with cloth diapering. Honestly.

I know you knew I was an exciting, live-on-the-edge kind of person after yesterday's post about clotheslines. Today I've confirmed it.

Now, back to cloth diapering.

I will admit, now that I have two little ladies instead of one, am running my own small business, and am washing all of my dishes in the bathtub, I have a lot less passion (and time) for cloth diapering. I use them when I can, and as often as I can, but I no longer consider myself a cloth diapering dictator. That said, I still think cloth dipes are awesome. I think they're adorable on my baby's bum. I am using the diapers I bought for Scarlett now for Heidi, which means big savings. But hands down, most importantly, cloth diapers = no garbage. Hurray for the environment!

I'm into my third year, cloth diapering my second child. I've tried many different brands. My all-time favourite diapers are AMP, made in Winnipeg. They are by far the best cloth diapers I've used. I've flirted with others, been drawn away by cute prints, but I always go back. I love my AMPs. They rock. Try them- you won't regret it. If you're in Halifax and want to purchase AMPs, they have a great selection at Nurtured.

With both of my babies, I've also frequently used cloth wipes instead of disposables. For a very long time, with Scarlett, I only used cloth wipes. It was so easy to throw my wipes in the wash with my diapers- even less garbage. Double hurray for the environment! It was then that I started making cloth wipes, and I haven't stopped. My wipes are now my biggest seller- to the point that I've had to contract out most of my wipes sewing to Babs. What would I do without her?

So, in honour of this cloth diapering celebratory post, I thought I'd share my own, tried and true wipes solution. Try it with a few Dewdrop Crafts flannel wipes and you'll never turn back, I promise!

2 cups water
1 tbsp fruit or vegetable-based oil (apricot, grapeseed, or olive)
1 tbsp gentle baby shampoo
2 drops of lavender or tea tree oil

Fill spray bottle and spritz cloth wipes before use. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A clothesline rant

To me, the sight of something drying on a clothesline means that spring has finally settled in. Now, I know that this topic doesn't scream excitement, but I can't help myself. I find it deeply satisfying to see a line of linens flapping in the sun and the breeze. It's so basic- it soothes my soul.

This was my backyard the other morning. Makes me so happy.

 I love instagram, can you tell?

Which is why I'd like to go into a self righteous clothesline related rant. I've never understood why new neighbourhoods don't allow clotheslines. In a time when climate change is such a central issue, it baffles me that the most environmentally friendly clothes drying choice is not allowed because of aesthetics. It makes absolutely no sense. I understand that some people don't like the look of their neighbour's sox and boxers drying next door... but really. In the grand scheme of things, are your neighbour's undies actually a big deal?

Anyway, I digress.

In summary, I love clotheslines. I love cloth diapers on a clothesline in May. I love cloth diapering. More on that tomorrow... Suspenseful, I know!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Made with love

I'm pretty lucky. I really believe in what I make- I feel great about my product. Here's why.

I'm more than picky when choosing my fabrics. Everything is 100% cotton and organic whenever possible. I only use prints that I absolutely love, that I know you will love, too.

All fabrics are washed in gentle, baby and eco friendly detergent.

When possible, fabric dries on the line, just like this.

Fabric drying on a clothesline makes me happy!

Everything is carefully made by me, in my home sewing room while my kiddos are sleeping soundly nearby.

Told ya... made with love!

Friday, May 18, 2012

May two four

A quick post today before I sign off for the long weekend.

Yesterday was all about inspirational words. Today it's about images that light a spark.

For very good reason, I've got kitchens on the brain. I think I've almost nailed down how I want the new centre of our house to feel.

I'm in love with this

And this

And this, too

My kitchen stress is fading and my excitement is building. Right now, we have no choice but to bbq... and that's great. It's time to celebrate the official start of summer. Happy May two four!

It's going to be a good one. We've got plans for a morning at the Farmer's market, a cottage party, some golf for Daddy and a girl's night out for me. The weather is supposed to be perfect. 

See ya Tuesday.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planes, trains and automobiles

The title of my last post was 'Bye Bye Florida'. Man, was I right! I am back to reality, full speed.

After a long day of driving, flying, connecting and flying again we're home. 12 hours + of travelling with two kids under the age of 3. The kids were amazing- they may have held up better than us. 

I spent yesterday unpacking, de-cluttering and trying to get my head around the fact that I returned home to a kitchen with no sink, stove or cabinets. We are well on our way to a beautiful new kitchen, but for now we're sort of camping around here. 

My work for Dewdrop is piling up, quite literally. I have stacks of gorgeous fabric that needs to be cut and pieced and stitched into something that will be loved by someone very small. My brain is cluttered with to-do lists. My home and my sewing room are in various states of chaos.

I need a little inspiration. I thought of this.

I stumbled across this lovely, so perfect-for-me-right-now quote here. I follow Oh My Handmade regularly and am always inspired.

After a few days of planes, trains, and automobiles, tired kids and washing dishes in the bathtub, this was just what I needed.

Tomorrow, I sew.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Bye Bye Florida

Today is the last day of my relocation vacation. We've been in Florida for 3 weeks and it has been delightful. Tomorrow is our travel day, so I won't be posting.

I thought I'd wrap up my Florida posts with some random thoughts about St. Augustine and travelling with kids.

1. The next time you're in St. Augustine, RUN to the The Tasting Room for Spanish tapas and a massive, delicious wine list. My husband and I had one of our first dates here since Heidi entered our world, and it was really amazing.

2. The next time you're in St. Augustine, DO NOT go to Pot Bellie's Cinema. It's straight out of a horror movie (haha, literally!). Walking down the aisles, I was waiting to trip over a dead body. On your visit here you may be served nachos with mouldy jalapeños. The adventure is not worth it.

3. I've been to many, many beaches all over the world, and the beach in St. Augustine is right up there. If you're looking for a beachy vacation, this is your destination.

4. I think I've developed an unhealthy addiction to Target.

5. When eating out with small kids, outdoor patios are excellent.

6. I always thought those weird cloth shopping cart inserts were overly germ-a-phobic and silly. Until I realized how great they were for awkward restaurant high chairs and babies that can't quite sit on their own. A must for travelling and eating out.

7. In order to do a proper beach day with a 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, it's worth it to take a playpen to set up under your tent.

8. When fabric is your main currency, order it while on vacation in the USA. Even if you're having it delivered to your hotel room. The money you save on shipping is huge. Trying to smuggle several bolts of fabric across the border will be a rush.

9. It turns out that St. Augustine is a consignment shopping mecca. When you arrive here, first hit the beach. Then, go to Target because it's awesome. Then, spend the rest of your trip checking out the amazing consignment shops. Then, go back to the beach.

10. I love vacation, but I'm always ready to go home. I love my home. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and get some major Dewdrop sewing done. Even if it means that Scarlett may develop hypothermia by refusing to remove the sundress that she's been wearing for 3 weeks straight.

Here are a few pics that I couldn't resist sharing. Life is very good when these are your girls.

This is the sundress. It's been worn, washed and worn again for 3 weeks straight.
Courtesy of... you guessed it! TARGET!!

See you Wednesday!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bringing back the pompom

It occurred to me the other day that I've never actually sewed anything for Scarlett.

Heidi, my baby, has many things I've made. She gets all of my prototypes- she's the source of much inspiration. When Scarlett was a baby, I was just getting into my sewing groove, and was more likely to start and stop projects than actually finish them. I have quilts that were intended for Scarlett that are pieced and quilted, but never finished- this was back in the day when putting the binding on a quilt was enough to give me palpitations. Luckily, thanks to Auntie Dawn, I'm over that.

It's time to start planning a project for Scarlett. She deserves something her mama has made just for her. She's turning the big 3 in September, and it's time.

I saw this today, and I think it's just right. I love the fun feel of this throw. It's perfect for her big girl bed. Scarlett will love it- it's fancy and whimsical and kind of eccentric, just like her. And it has pompoms. Which makes it either kind of weird or super cool. I'm going with cool. Perfect for my beautiful, cool, almost 3 year old girl.

Image courtesy of

THIS is why I'm a nurse

Earlier this week I wrote a post about my colleagues in honour of Nurses Week. As the week wraps up, I'd like to share this video in honour of my patients. Please watch. Smile & celebrate these amazing kids.

This makes me feel so thankful. I look after kids just like this. They are all just this awesome.

Made my day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shout out to Magrieta's Quilt Shop

My 'vacation' in Florida has been wonderful. Sun, sand, surf... and of course shopping! I've hit the outlets. I think they recognize me at Target.

But wait, there's more. I wouldn't be me if I wasn't scouting out the local quilting stores while in town. My mom, who will from this point forward be referred to as Babs, which is her grandmother and sewing guru name, did some reconnaissance before I arrived in Florida and discovered this gem. Introducing Magrieta's Quilt Shop. Check it out the next time you're in St. Augustine, people. If fabric is your thing, you'll love it here. It's awesome.

My photos don't properly capture the AMAZING selection here. These lovely ladies ordered me a bolt of fabric, and although I try to avoid paying retail for my fabric, I couldn't resist a few gorgeous prints. I stopped in twice. I may go back. Look out St. Augustine, there's one slightly out of control fabric lover on the loose.

My favourite thing about this shop? I loved the quilted signs handing outside the store. So charming.


Now... back to the sun.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My favourite (old) project

There are a few reasons why I don't have many photos to share of new projects.

1. I am busy, busy with custom orders at the moment, and don't like to share images of custom orders until they've been delivered to their new home. In a week or two, I'll have lots to share. And trust me, there is LOTS to share. Exciting Dewdrop developments on the horizon- keep your hats on!

2. I am still sunning myself in Florida, and I find it awfully hard to tear myself away from the beach to sew. Can you blame me?

3. I'm more than a little obsessed with my new blog at the moment. Need to work on my sewing/blog balance. Will blog tomorrow about how that's going. Ha!

So, in light of the fact that I'm low on current intel, I thought I'd share some photos of one of my favourite projects to date. A special quilt for Heidi. I am still in love with this fabric- I don't recall who designed this, but it feels like something by Westminster Fibers, who create gorgeous designs. 

This quilt has a solid front, is filled with bamboo cotton blend batting (as are all of my quilts), and is backed with natural flannel. This has been the most amazing stroller quilt and has been used every day for tummy time. It's soft and warm. It's a basic quilt, but I love it. Maybe because of the baby. Really, isn't this the most adorable baby you've ever seen?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Nurses Week

Dewdrop Crafts is something that is mine, all mine. It fulfills a creative side of my brain that just won't rest.


I am a nurse. I always will be a nurse. It's not just what I do. It's who I am.

I am so proud of the work I do, and so lucky to work with so many unbelievable babies and kids.


What makes my work as a nurse more than something I'm proud of, what makes it more than special, is my co-workers. My fellow nurses really are something else. They inspire me, motivate me, make me feel thankful time after time. These people can dig deep in a way that most people can't imagine.

There is a huge side of my life that no one quite 'gets' like my fellow nurses.

In honour of you all, Happy Nurses Week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Curse

I realized last night while reading Scarlett her bedtime story that I'm cursed. It's official. My curse is an unusual one, one you may not have heard of before. Here it is: The Curse of The Blanket.

They follow me everywhere. I sew blankets (constantly, as you know). I write about blankets (obviously). I think about blankets (non-stop). I even dream about blankets (happy dreams). These are all the positive aspects of my curse. Here's the negative: Franklin's Blanket.
The curse of the blanket has invaded my oldest's reading material! She will NOT read ANYTHING else. I read this painful book many, many times per day. I can't take it any more. I'd try some sort of voodoo, de-blanket curse, but then I'd run the risk of omitting all of the positives my curse has brought. I clearly have no choice- I'll have to suffer through a few more readings. And in the meantime I'll wish for Franklin to smarten up and get a little more interesting. After all, I really like blankets (clearly).

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ready, Set, Swaddle

New to Dewdrop Crafts! These lovely ivory swaddling blankets are approximately 44 " square and are made of 100% cotton gauze. They are embellished with soft 100% cotton knit appliqués.

Swaddling Blanket: $22

My first in this new line was a custom order for my tiny girl, and she loves it. These new blankets are so perfect for warm weather (as seen below), as nursing covers, stroller covers, and of course, for swaddling.

Heidi loves the warm weather... but most of all, her new blanket!

Want one? Contact me at Or see the full collection at the ECMC Summer Fair, June 24 in Halifax.

ECMC Pride

I’m an East Coast Momma, and I’m proud of it.

Today I want to tell you about another East Coast Momma that I’m pretty proud of too- my friend Sarah. She’s started a new biz, and I’ve been more than a little involved…

Sarah is one of my very best friends. She introduced me to yoga, I introduced her to knitting, together we’ve had bake-athons, craft-athons, and enough phone-athons to make our husbands cringe and cover their ears. She’s my oldest girl’s godmother, and I’m her sweet boy’s godmother. It’s fair to say that we’re pretty tight.

Several months ago, Sarah started a group on facebook, called the East Coast Momma Collective. The group started with about 10 of our friends that made cool stuff. She thought it would be a great way for us all to promote and support each other, to barter, to get some new ideas. Well, the group grew. It grew some more. It now has over 350 members and has taken on a life of its own.  Sarah and I started brainstorming on one wet, rainy, cold Nova Scotia winter day and decided that the group should throw events (of course! Sarah happens to be an event planner extraordinaire!).  So, we threw a Spring Fair. It was a smash hit. Now, we’ve got four fairs planned yearly. The vendors are unreal. The event is gorgeous, on the ocean. And of course, the whole thing is in every way 100 % a mom-powered operation. Dewdrop Crafts is a vendor at these fairs. Yours truly is the Chief Communications Officer of the ECMC (me? On a board of directors? Ha!) Sarah has started something that gives other East Coast Moms a voice, meaningful connections to each other, and a venue for their creative outlets. It’s pretty great. Check us out here, you'll see just how great it really is.

I’m an East Coast Momma, and I’m proud of it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabric puts the sun in my Florida

I'm in Florida right now visiting family and vacationing with my girls. It's wonderful. To most people, Florida means beaches and amusement parks (and maybe the odd retiree). To me, Florida is all of those things... but it also means fabric with FREE shipping! is one of my favourite sites to order from. Run to this site- you won't believe the selection or the deals to be found here. I also LOVE, which has a massive collection of gorgeous organic fabrics.

My order from arrived today- all 49 lbs of it. That's right people, this crazy lady arrived in Florida, sat down at her computer, and ordered 49 lbs of awesome fabric. I have been anxiously waiting for the UPS guy since, and while we were at Marine Land with the kiddos this morning, it arrived. I did a happy dance, and then I snapped a photo.

Now, THIS is the life!

ps. Please excuse the wrinkly backdrop. I was too excited.