Thursday, February 26, 2015

The winter blues and tiny acts of kindness

Guys, I've been struggling a little lately. Not in any real significant way- in fact friends of mine who truly struggle with mental illness would probably like to wring my neck to hear me say I'm struggling. I'm just a little blue.

It's February in Nova Scotia. It's very cold, it's wet and windy, and everything outside is covered in snow and brown slush and ice. The winter blues are real, friends. And they've settled very gently in my house these past few weeks.

Yesterday I posted a pic of myself and Billy on our walk through the woods to get Scarlett at school. The roads are too narrow and too icy in spots for me to feel comfortable walking on them with a baby strapped to me right now... and my stroller is kind of lame for this weather. So through the woods we go.

Yesterday I was feeling worn out with snowsuits and baby carriers and knee high crusty snow- but off we went. And if I'm honest, it was probably the best part of my day. The fresh air woke me up- the interaction with friends at school was good for everyone. Still, I shared the photo of Billy and me because seriously. I live in the North Pole. And I've been a little blue.

My step sister (who is the 9th strongest woman in all of Europe, according to my mother), shared my complain-y photo on her Facebook and I've been thinking about it since. She shared my photo and she told me I was strong. She took one minute of her day, and she gave me a big pat on the back- which was exactly what I was needing, and what I guess I was asking for. She boosted me up.

She was kind. She is kind.

This got me thinking about kindness, and about reaching out. Positive exchanges like this are always worth it. They always affect the person who you're reaching out to- they will never fail to make that person's day a little better and a little sunnier.

When we are all cold in our houses- when we're worn down because it's February and we are at the ends of our rope with winter, reaching out to each other makes all the difference. Being kind makes a difference.

It shows our people that although we are all grumpy, with cold wet feet, we're all pale and dry and have static-y hair and cranky sick kids... we are also all human, and we are here for each other.

Tomorrow calls for sun.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dewdrop does bling

I decided to try my hand at something new this winter... so I started making button earrings. Lots and lots of button earrings. So many earrings. 

They've been a big hit to say the least. I'm pretty sure they'll be a regular in the Dewdrop Crafts rotation!