Saturday, March 7, 2015

March 6, I love you

Yesterday I turned 34. Holy smokes.

It's starting to sink in that I'm borderline middle aged. When did that even happen? When did I stop being 18? Yesterday I got up, just as excited that it was my birthday as I was as a kid. It's something I don't even try to hide. I love my birthday.

Then I put on my eye make-up, feeling perky and all birthday-ish, and some of it got stuck in my wrinkles.

But the sun shone

I felt celebrated I realize how incredibly lucky I am that I have a life full of people who make a point to reach out and let me know I am appreciated on my birthday- who make sure
I know I'm loved. Guys, I am so lucky. On my birthday, just like on holidays, I'm left with a feeling a deep gratitude. For my life, for my people. For the chance to share a few images of what made my day.

I can't wait to turn 35.

My friend Mary MADE this mug and I basically forced her to give it to me. Need some of Mary's amazing pottery in your life? She'll be at the East Coast Momma Collective Spring fair in Halifax on May 2.

My kangaroo baby loves being wrapped up, and I love rainbows. My Girasol woven wrap from Nurtured in Halifax is such a pretty lifesaver.

My 87-year-old grandma sends me flowers every year on my birthday. She's a pro. There's no one like Buddy.

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