Friday, May 11, 2012

Bringing back the pompom

It occurred to me the other day that I've never actually sewed anything for Scarlett.

Heidi, my baby, has many things I've made. She gets all of my prototypes- she's the source of much inspiration. When Scarlett was a baby, I was just getting into my sewing groove, and was more likely to start and stop projects than actually finish them. I have quilts that were intended for Scarlett that are pieced and quilted, but never finished- this was back in the day when putting the binding on a quilt was enough to give me palpitations. Luckily, thanks to Auntie Dawn, I'm over that.

It's time to start planning a project for Scarlett. She deserves something her mama has made just for her. She's turning the big 3 in September, and it's time.

I saw this today, and I think it's just right. I love the fun feel of this throw. It's perfect for her big girl bed. Scarlett will love it- it's fancy and whimsical and kind of eccentric, just like her. And it has pompoms. Which makes it either kind of weird or super cool. I'm going with cool. Perfect for my beautiful, cool, almost 3 year old girl.

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