Monday, May 14, 2012

Bye Bye Florida

Today is the last day of my relocation vacation. We've been in Florida for 3 weeks and it has been delightful. Tomorrow is our travel day, so I won't be posting.

I thought I'd wrap up my Florida posts with some random thoughts about St. Augustine and travelling with kids.

1. The next time you're in St. Augustine, RUN to the The Tasting Room for Spanish tapas and a massive, delicious wine list. My husband and I had one of our first dates here since Heidi entered our world, and it was really amazing.

2. The next time you're in St. Augustine, DO NOT go to Pot Bellie's Cinema. It's straight out of a horror movie (haha, literally!). Walking down the aisles, I was waiting to trip over a dead body. On your visit here you may be served nachos with mouldy jalapeƱos. The adventure is not worth it.

3. I've been to many, many beaches all over the world, and the beach in St. Augustine is right up there. If you're looking for a beachy vacation, this is your destination.

4. I think I've developed an unhealthy addiction to Target.

5. When eating out with small kids, outdoor patios are excellent.

6. I always thought those weird cloth shopping cart inserts were overly germ-a-phobic and silly. Until I realized how great they were for awkward restaurant high chairs and babies that can't quite sit on their own. A must for travelling and eating out.

7. In order to do a proper beach day with a 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old, it's worth it to take a playpen to set up under your tent.

8. When fabric is your main currency, order it while on vacation in the USA. Even if you're having it delivered to your hotel room. The money you save on shipping is huge. Trying to smuggle several bolts of fabric across the border will be a rush.

9. It turns out that St. Augustine is a consignment shopping mecca. When you arrive here, first hit the beach. Then, go to Target because it's awesome. Then, spend the rest of your trip checking out the amazing consignment shops. Then, go back to the beach.

10. I love vacation, but I'm always ready to go home. I love my home. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things and get some major Dewdrop sewing done. Even if it means that Scarlett may develop hypothermia by refusing to remove the sundress that she's been wearing for 3 weeks straight.

Here are a few pics that I couldn't resist sharing. Life is very good when these are your girls.

This is the sundress. It's been worn, washed and worn again for 3 weeks straight.
Courtesy of... you guessed it! TARGET!!

See you Wednesday!

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