Friday, May 4, 2012

Fabric puts the sun in my Florida

I'm in Florida right now visiting family and vacationing with my girls. It's wonderful. To most people, Florida means beaches and amusement parks (and maybe the odd retiree). To me, Florida is all of those things... but it also means fabric with FREE shipping! is one of my favourite sites to order from. Run to this site- you won't believe the selection or the deals to be found here. I also LOVE, which has a massive collection of gorgeous organic fabrics.

My order from arrived today- all 49 lbs of it. That's right people, this crazy lady arrived in Florida, sat down at her computer, and ordered 49 lbs of awesome fabric. I have been anxiously waiting for the UPS guy since, and while we were at Marine Land with the kiddos this morning, it arrived. I did a happy dance, and then I snapped a photo.

Now, THIS is the life!

ps. Please excuse the wrinkly backdrop. I was too excited.

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