Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Nurses Week

Dewdrop Crafts is something that is mine, all mine. It fulfills a creative side of my brain that just won't rest.


I am a nurse. I always will be a nurse. It's not just what I do. It's who I am.

I am so proud of the work I do, and so lucky to work with so many unbelievable babies and kids.


What makes my work as a nurse more than something I'm proud of, what makes it more than special, is my co-workers. My fellow nurses really are something else. They inspire me, motivate me, make me feel thankful time after time. These people can dig deep in a way that most people can't imagine.

There is a huge side of my life that no one quite 'gets' like my fellow nurses.

In honour of you all, Happy Nurses Week.

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