Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday night catch-up

Tonight, I spent 2.5 hrs on the phone with my oldest friend- which is perhaps time that I should have spent sewing. 

By the way, I am a HUGE procrastinator. I too often leave things to the last minute- which has resulted in many sew-a-thon nights (and one Christmas bake-a-thon that lasted until 3:00 am). Right now, I have a big order to fill (more on that later), and tonight I needed to make some blankets. 

Then Janis called, and I spent the night with my friend instead. So worth it.

It's been too long since Janis and I have had a good catch-up. I miss my old friend, my best bud since grade 2. She knows me better than almost anyone. After our talk tonight, I feel a little bit more like 'me' 

I'll make up for it tomorrow. Tomorrow, I promise to sew all night.

Thanks for the talk, Janis.


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