Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Sampler

I love fall. Both of my girls were born this time of year. I got married in the fall. The bright leaves, the crisp days, the colour of the sunlight- fall is hands down my favourite season.

Apple picking with the little ladies

It may be that I'm especially loving fall this year because I've just returned from a perfect 5 day getaway to New York City with my husband. We did it just right- hung out in the East Village with my brother and his lovely girlfriend, and ate and drank and shopped like New Yorkers.

The High Line- a must see in NYC

I came home on a high, and happily proceeded to unpack my fall shipment of fabrics.... wait! Maybe this is why I love fall most of all!?

Extra pretty mostly organic goodness

I'll be sewing up these beautiful fabrics while the days get shorter and colder, in my cozy sewing room. Like something you see? Come visit me at the East Coast Momma Collective Holiday Fair- it promises to be the perfect way to end your fall and kick off your holiday season :)


  1. Don't you just love fresh stacks of fabric! In November, I was asked to be in a blog hop, and they want me to list any other quilt bloggers I know in Nova Scotia. Is it okay if I put dewdrop crafts on my list?

  2. Absolutely Jeanette! Thanks for thinking of me :)

    1. Great! I'll send you the link once it's done, I think between November 19 and 24th.