Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elephants for good luck

I was approached a few months ago by my dear friend to create a special gift for her nephew-on-the-way. My friend's brother and his wife had learned during an ultrasound that their first child would have some significant health complications. They were, of course, shocked and afraid. Upon hearing this news, my friend decided that she needed to do something. She found beautiful, unique, organic fabric for a custom quilt. She chose an elephant print, because elephants symbolize good luck. When I learned that the baby would be born early, we rushed to finish the quilt- we wanted this little baby and his family to know that his birth was being cherished.

This quilt means so much to me- because it was chosen with care, and because it was meant for a very special boy. I think it's lovely, and I hope you do too. I have some elephant fabric left, and I think the Dewdrop Crafts team might have to create another quilt like this. I love the spirit of this quilt, and I think it's something that should be shared.

My friend's nephew is doing amazingly well. He's been transferred to a hospital in his community and his parents will be taking him home soon. He's eating well and is becoming more in tune with his environment everyday. He loves to cuddle his mom and dad. I hope he knows that I think of him often, and that it was a true pleasure to celebrate his birth.


  1. Love this quilt Katrina, the colors are so bright and cheery. Glad to hear he is doing better.

  2. Very cute quilt Katrina , thanks for sharing :-)

  3. The elephant quilt is perfect. Love it!

  4. Lovely story and the quilt is beautiful♥♥♥ Made with love!